How to Fight Porn, Pt. 3

This is a continuation of our series on addressing the issue of Porn within Small Groups.  If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, I’d suggest starting there. Last week we disucssed the crises of porn in our culture and the church, and sat in the reality that not one small groups are exempted from this issue.  As leaders […]

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How to Fight Porn, Pt. 2

Research has shown pornography’s effect on the brain is as potent as cocaine or heroin, and other studies have shown that a porn addiction is as equally difficult to kick as it’s chemical counterparts, involving withrdawels, emotional mood swings and requiring phsyical distance from the substance. There is no magic pill.  We are all sexually broken. We are […]

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How to Fight Porn, Pt. 1

Pornography is everywhere.  What use to be difficult to obtain, and challenging to hide, has become highly accessible, free and pervasive, all in a matter of years. In our hyper-sexualized culture, pornagraphy’s impact has been detremental both to our society as well as the church, and as leaders in the church, our role is to […]

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