Why holiness matters

This year, I’m slowly working through J.C. Ryle’s Holiness.  I’ll be processing through different parts of his work and posting them every Monday. Hope these excerpts are as encouraging to you as they have been for me.  Two things come to mind as I’ve been reading through J.C. Ryle’s Holiness.  For all of our culture’s hyper-sexualization, we […]

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Lean into the Hard Stuff

Originally featured at Millennial Leader I had a professional setback a few weeks ago. After months of preparation, one of my professional goals didn’t come to fruition the way I was hoping and honestly, it was difficult and frustrating to process. It’s moments like these that I, like many of us millennials are tempted to […]

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Why Leaders Must Confront

This post was also featured in Millennial Leader.  You can check it out here. “Those who are not true leaders will just affirm people at their own immature level.” – Richard Rohr Confrontation.  No one likes it, and yet if there’s one thing that stands between an average leader and a great leader is his ability […]

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5 Qualities of Effective Leadership

Below is snippet of my article that ran earlier this year at Millennial Leader.  Check it out! We’ve all worked for them.
You know who they are.
They’re either the leaders we run from, or they’re the leaders we gravitate towards. 
Those who inspire us to be better employees, better team members, and usually, better leaders ourselves. Leaders are needed […]

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