Movie Reviews.

I admit it.

I have a passionate relationship with film.

I find it inspiring, challenging, exciting, and entertaining all at once.  There are few things I enjoy more than sitting down in a quite room and immerse yourself in someone else’s art for a couple of hours.  I love most genre’s, even horror.

Not only do I enjoy movies, but I find them incredible ways to get an inside look into other people’s worldview.  Whether it’s the director or actors, or our culture at large, watching film with a biblical worldview and a critical eye can be incredibly educational as we seek to learn about the worldview and belief systems of our culture. You can catch a glimpse of that here.

But here at The Divine Accolade, I focus more on how theology is applied to everyday life, and although I occasionally wrote reviews, this just didn’t seem like the home for them.

So in 2015, I launched Films that Matter. This is where you’ll see film reviews of films that really matter in terms of quality in filmmaking and impact on our cultural landscape.  It’s really where I get to indulge my film obsession and hopefully help others as they view works of culture more critically.  Have fun!



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