The Refugee, the Transgender & Me.

The Great Commision charges us to go and make disciples, not to go and reign in morality and not go and sign petitions in hope of cultural change.

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Waiting on God is Hard

When my wife and I set out on the journey of adoption, we thought we had a year-long process ahead of us. But more than three years l ater, we were still eagerly anticipating being able to bring our first daughter, Ryah, home from Ethiopia. We had prayed for her, met her, held her, loved […]

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Why Food Matters to Our Faith

I love working with food, talking about food, and well…eating food.  One thing that I’ve thought about a lot over the past year has been how our theology and understanding of the Gospel changes the way we eat.  How should we eat in a way that points us back to our original design, not our […]

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Hope for the Sexually Broken

Hope for the sexually broken: By the time we’ve reached our mid-twenties, two things have become very apparent: Sex is far more powerful than we imagined, and each of us are sexually broken in one way or another. Sexual brokenness affects every person born under the weight of a fallen nature and a damaged culture. […]

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Encouragement Delivered by Trials.

We have a somewhat humorous phrase that runs through the guys in our small group. When a brother is transparent with his struggles and challenges, when he opens up about the war within, he’s often met with the response: “Man, I’m encouraged.” Though his knee-jerk reaction may be to tackle the responder, we’ve all come […]

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