How to Fight Porn, Pt. 2

Research has shown pornography’s effect on the brain is as potent as cocaine or heroin, and other studies have shown that a porn addiction is as equally difficult to kick as it’s chemical counterparts, involving withrdawels, emotional mood swings and requiring phsyical distance from the substance. There is no magic pill.  We are all sexually broken. We are […]

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Lean into the Hard Stuff

Originally featured at Millennial Leader I had a professional setback a few weeks ago. After months of preparation, one of my professional goals didn’t come to fruition the way I was hoping and honestly, it was difficult and frustrating to process. It’s moments like these that I, like many of us millennials are tempted to […]

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Why Leaders Must Confront

This post was also featured in Millennial Leader.  You can check it out here. “Those who are not true leaders will just affirm people at their own immature level.” – Richard Rohr Confrontation.  No one likes it, and yet if there’s one thing that stands between an average leader and a great leader is his ability […]

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The dangers of stealing music.

In an age where increasingly more and more in our culture is expected to be free, to a generation who has everything at our fingertips and expects to pay precious little for it, music is absolutely no exception.  In fact, our iTunes libraries, may be good indicators of our perspective on entitlement. Regardless of political […]

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God and Film, pt. 3

                       When discussing film with other believers I run across two main veins of thought.  The first being less prevalent than in years past, but continue to leave a stain on the Christian sector, the idea that all ‘secular’ forms of culture, usually corrolating to the arts (specifically movies and music) is affected by the […]

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