How to Fight Porn, Pt. 3

This is a continuation of our series on addressing the issue of Porn within Small Groups.  If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, I’d suggest starting there. Last week we disucssed the crises of porn in our culture and the church, and sat in the reality that not one small groups are exempted from this issue.  As leaders […]

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5 Qualities of Effective Leadership

Below is snippet of my article that ran earlier this year at Millennial Leader.  Check it out! We’ve all worked for them.
You know who they are.
They’re either the leaders we run from, or they’re the leaders we gravitate towards. 
Those who inspire us to be better employees, better team members, and usually, better leaders ourselves. Leaders are needed […]

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16 Ways to Simplify your Life

I read this per Tom Basson’s blog and wanted to share.  In what is easily the most distracted generation ever to live, us 20-somethings have to decide if we’re going to interact with every distraction or remove certain ones from our life. Check it out: Someone once said “it takes a genius to live a […]

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