Weekend Spotlight.

Every Friday, I’m rolling out my top favorite posts, articles and podcasts that I’ve run across.  Meant to give you greater leverage in life, ministry and a unique insight into our culture. Here we go…


Invite Someone Single over for DinnerDesiring God.

A heartbreaking reminder of how singles get lost in God’s community and a beautiful picture of how the body should serve, love and sharpen one another.  There’s incredible impact and simplicity in a single meal.

If your read one thing, make it this one.

The Surprising Benefits of Marriage for MenArt of Manliness

I love AoM, it produces some of the most consistently high quality content of any blog I follow. Their podcasts is on point and they have a killer App.  With all that praise, I particularly enjoyed this post. The show features Brad Wilcox, the Director of the National Marriage Project.  Here he contrasts how marriage brings a man higher income, greater relational depth and a better sex life comes from marriage versus co-habiting or remaining single.

If you’re already married or thinking about moving in that direction, this podcast will not only provide you with a lot of insight, but for me, also encouraged me in the institute of marriage. Not from a theological viewpoint, but from a scientific, researched-based view point.  Very interesting.


A Look at the Ugly Side of Getting Rich, Bloomberg

I love documentaries.  Here a documentarian, Lauren Greenfield, has documented the spending habits of the 1% for the past thirty years, and her findings were fascinating.

Best quote: “I think one of the things we’ve seen in a lot of the characters [in her book] is that money is an enabler of what’s already there,” she said. “David Siegel [the time-share king] said that money doesn’t make you happy—it makes you unhappy in a better part of town. I love that, because who should know better than him?”

A glimse of greed, aka, a spiral of materialistic despair.


How is your Phone Changing YouCrossway

I love existential evaluations of technology.  There have been many swift cultural shifts within the past 15 years, none as massive as technology.  This is a great overview of Tony Reinke’s book 12 Ways your Phone is Changing Youand if you’re like me, you need an almost weekly reminder of the wonders and dangers of our newly-dawned technological utopia.


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