Why many prominent evangelicals oppose Trump’s Refugee Ban.

Over the past few weeks, many prominent evangelicals have opposed Trump’s indefensible ban on refugees, and although there’s not unanimous evangelical thought on this issue, there have been some excellent reasoning on why this ban is unnecessary and unhelpful.  While many countries in the world are trying to process how to relocate millions of refugees in land masses smaller than Connecticut, we here in the states are seeing the beginning ripple effects of what Trump means when he says America First.  A nationalistic foreign policy that will isolate, segregate and alienate the world’s most vulnerable outside the womb.

Below are three resources that your church can use in the weeks to come to help members understand the pressing need, and how we can respond.

Ed Stetzer: Dear Evangelicals, It’s Time to Speak up for Refugees.

There is no more critical time than now for God’s people to instead turn towards the helpless, the homeless, the broken, with open arms and hearts, ready to pour out every ounce of love we can muster.
Sure, conversations with our neighbors are sometimes hard as we express our solidarity with the refugee and those who are broken and in need of safety and dignity, but we must pursue what is right anyway. We are pro-life, but we must remember all that entails, from conception to death and each moment in between.
I am pro-life—and that includes for refugees. This week, many of us will focus on the unborn, and rightly so, but I’m also here to stand up for the born, made-in-God’s-image, refugee as well.

Christianity Today: Why Tim Keller, Max Lucado and Hundreds of Evangelical Leaders Oppose Trump’s Refugee Ban

This article quotes a petition signed by evangelical leaders all over the country, as well as highlights key statistics regarding refugees that are deeply important as we differentiate between fear tactics and truth as this agenda is marketed towards the American people.

World Relief CEO Tim Breene is focused on highlighting some key facts about refugees:

  • The refugee admission process is the most thorough of all entry processes into the US.
  • We do know who these refugees are. They go through a multi-step process that generally lasts anywhere between 18 months to 3 years, and includes fingerprinting, biometrics, retina scans, and multiple interviews by different agencies, including the United Nations, State Department contractors, and the US Department of Homeland Security.
  • The effectiveness of the process is demonstrated by the fact that, of the roughly 3 million refugees admitted since 1980, none has ever killed a single American in a terrorist attack.
  • The Cato Institute’s research puts the annual risk of a refugee-committed terrorist killing on US soil at 1 in 3.6 billion.
  • Nothing within [Trump’s] executive order would have prevented 9/11, nor the more recent attacks in San Bernardino or Orlando.
  • In the past decade, the US has never received more than a fraction of 1 percent of the world’s refugees annually, and it has received more Christian refugees than those of any other faith background.
  • Of the 19,324 Syrian refugees admitted to the US since 2012, 47 percent have been children thirteen years of age or under, while just 13 percent have been men aged 21 through 40.

John Piper on Refugees: “We Will Come to You.”



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