A Letter to my Daughters: Life after Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in HendersonDear girls,

Today is a significant day. Today marks the day of a new presidency, a leader moves out and a new leader moves in.  This doesn’t just signify a change in style and policy, this year it marks a stark contrast in personality, ability and dignity.  Without reflecting too much on the chaos of the 2016 election, which I’m sure you’ll study in school one day, this cycle and it’s results, has been a very difficult one to absorb.  I wanted a different result for you, my girls. I wanted someone who you could respect, admire and be inspired by.  2016 produced very few options that fit that bill. And so I want to give some thoughts for you (and catharsis for me) to dwell on as we begin a new presidency.

God chooses Presidents: 

You need to know, that every world leader, every king, every president has been hand selected by God.  No, it does not mean they reflect Biblical values. In Trump’s circumstance, we’ve seen stark contrasts between his worldview and Scriptures’.  Virtually every word (or Tweet) is laced with bitterness, anger or arrogance.   Regardless, he is our president, and we will pray for him. And you need to know, God has chosen him, and through him God will bring about his purposes.  God is sovereign and the world exists to bring about his plans, his mission and ultimately, his glory.  This gives me great confidence that God is in control and actively involved in the world he has created. So, when he says do not fearwe will trust him, because He is good and He is with us.

Racism exists, and we will fight against it. 

At our church this year, our theme is In Earth as it is in Heaven. This is fitting, because until our Savior comes back, there is much work to do to live our faith out in ways that point to Heaven.  Our incoming president has used destructive language against minorities, so much that it’s become commonplace in political rhetoric today.  Racism exists, girls, and it’s an issue that your parents are committed to fighting. We will fight to teach you the history of our beautiful, melting pot of a country. We will fight to remember the racism minorities have faced at the hands of white privilege throughout the years in our country. We will fight to make sure people remember #blacklivesmatters. We will fight to bring racial reconciliation to the church and to our communities.  In Earth as it is in Heaven because black lives do matter. Hispanic lives matter. Unborn lives matter.  Remember Dr. King’s words: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Those marginalized in our society will have a voice, and we pray their voice will come from inside and outside the doors of the church.

Leadership matters.

Be leaders, my girls.  You live in an age where women can do virtually anything. Don’t take it for granted. Your great great grandmothers couldn’t vote two generations ago.  Black women couldn’t vote a generation ago.  Things are different today, and before you lies a wealth of opportunity to change the world. Live boldly, dive deeply into the Word and then live intentionally in the world.  Your life is a vapor. Don’t waste it.  Regardless of what kind of leadership exists in the White House at any given moment, make it a point to lead others. Lead others to goodness, respect and kindness.  Lead in justice. Lead others to build up, rather than tear down. Lead others to be the example. Lead others to know, as the elegant First Lady said When they go low, we go high. Champion that, girls. And most importantly of all…lead others to worship the King.  Set your sights on the glory of our good God, and make it a point to live your life for the purpose of making that glory known.

What I want you to understand girls, is matters of faith, respect, justice, love and leadership are not dictated by who leads in the White House. They’re dictated by truth.  By the example that your Mom and I will work hard to set for you. They’re dictated by the Scripture we cling to.  Truth runs deeper than circumstances and presidencies, and the sovereignty of God is a mighty river rushing through this world in ways we can’t even imagine.  He is good and you are the bearer of His image.  Live as image bearers, my girls.


**For further reading on true leadership and responding to a Trump presidency, check out John Piper’s article at Desiring God: How to Live Under an Unqualified President.**

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