5 Qualities of Effective Leadership

Below is snippet of my article that ran earlier this year at Millennial Leader.  Check it out!

We’ve all worked for them.
You know who they are.
They’re either the leaders we run from, or they’re the leaders we gravitate towards. 
Those who inspire us to be better employees, better team members, and usually, better leaders ourselves.

Leaders are needed in every facet of life, and likely,  you are one.  Whether you’re on staff at your local church, leader in a small business or CEO of an up-and-coming company, there are leadership qualities that work across the board and move your team to be inspired.

1. The End Goal – Effective leaders can see one thing, the ‘end goal’.They don’t get sidetracked chasing the new thing, they aren’t thrown off by competition, they are relentlessly focused, immensely driven and passionately pursue one thing: the end goal, and that goal drives their schedule, their conversations, and ultimately their business.They aren’t light-weights when it comes to the big picture.  They know what it is and they chase after it.

2. Humility – If effective leaders know anything, they know their success was built by a thousand hands.  Yes, they were an integral part, but no, they weren’t the only part. If they are successful, they will know their leadership was built by leaders before them and their staff around them, and if this reality sinks into the mind of a leader, he’ll understand the debt he owes his team and will operate out of that mindset.

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