Why Christians should engage Halloween

Here are the two best articles I’ve read on why believers should prayerfully consider engaging this holiday, rather than retreating from it.  If we believe as Abraham Kuyper did, that literally there is not one square inch in the universe (or, I add, one day on the calendar) that Christ does not declare: ‘That’s mine!’, then that should make us wrestle and pray through how God would have us respond in a missional, Gospel-centered way.  (pssst…it probably means you should keep the porch light on and give the BEST candy in the neighborhood.  Kids remember that well…I still remember the houses that gave my brother and I entire Hershey bars!)

Check them out:



  1. Aaron-I was just typing up a post on the same topic when I stopped to read your update. Thanks for sharing the article!

    Wishing you and Stephanie a Happy Halloween-weekend!

    Erika Speight

  2. What a lifesaver (ok sorta) I was railing (in my mind) against my Christian sisters who were posting all this legalistic stuff about Halloween. I was tired of hearing the ignore the day talk. Oh thank you for posting these links!!!! Best stuff I have read yet on the Halloween conundrum!!!

    • Beth,
      I agree. Desiring God always has great stuff, but this was hands down the best article I’ve read on how Christians should respond to Halloween!

      Hope the Speights had a good one as well. We miss you guys! (Tucker says to tell Lucca ‘hi’!)

  3. I respectfully disagree with this approach. Because Christ owns the universe doesn’t mean that we can or should participate in questionable activities, even to reach the lost. Our family’s 19 year history of loving but firm non-participation in Halloween has been truly rewarding, both for us and our neighbors. If one believes that our best approach to reaching the world is to accommodate, we’ll basically look like the world. We, the church, should learn that our post-modern world doesn’t need more coddling, but a clear difference in world views declaring truth. We should look for opportunities to let our light contrast the darkness, speaking the truth in love. The early Roman church grew in this way. This will hurt the eyes of most, but some will be drawn. Thanks for the dialogue. 🙂

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