Top 5 Favorite Horror Movies.

With Halloween right around the corner, here are a list of my top five favorite scary movies.  If you’re looking for a good thrill this weekend, I recommend these.  As with every genre, there is a lot of junk that exists, particularly in the horror realm, but I believe the horror genre in it’s basic frame, can point us to some very real truths about humanity, it’s fallen nature and it’s need for Christ.  (Disclaimer: Watching movies should be done prayerfully and worshipfully.  What is fine for one believer to view, may be a stumbling block for another.  Let’s give grace to each other and view every area of our lives as worship…even film.)

Here ya go…

5. Tie: The Others/The Orphanage (Great if you love a haunted house ‘by the foggy sea’ kind a movie)

4.  The Ring. (I typically don’t like horror movies where children are the ‘horror’, but this one freaked me out from day one.

3. Night of the Living Dead. (1968)

2. Halloween. (The original.  ONLY the original.)

1. Scream.  (Self-aware, sure.  But you’re hard-pressed to find a scarier movie, with more jump scenes.  Gets me every time.)


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