Horror Redeemed

I really enjoy a good movie, and this time of year especially brings about a certain genre in full effect.  And honestly, I’ve also really enjoyed a great scary flick.  Yet, the question is always asked ‘Should Christains watch horror movies?’  This is a healthy question to ask.  As we move and grow in our walk with our Savior we ask a myriad of questions regarding all aspects of life.

Therefore I embarked on a task.  Asking the question along the way, ‘Can Christians and the horror genre coexist?’  Can the genre be saved? Are we as believers to appreciate every genre-comedy, action, adventure-and disregard this one? When I finished the article I sent it to a few editors and Relevant Magazine picked it up and it premieres this weekend as a part of their Halloween features.  You can check out the full article here.

A short disclaimer: I do not encourage everyone to watch horror movies like I do not encourage everyone to go rock-climbing. It’s a personal choice and for some it’s a personal conviction. We have to have grace with fellow believers. What may be OK for one believer to watch or do, might personally convict another.
Secondly, I do not condone all horror movies, like I would not condone all comedies or all action movies.  There are good ones, but there are many that are so filled with junk it’s not even worth my time.  This was a personal quest of mine.  I’m curious and so I set out prayerfully looking for answers.

For now, I wanted to throw up a few quotes from the article, and look forward to engaging in healthy debate about this topic.
Excerpt from Horror Redeemed:

Art and cinema has an innate ability to speak to the deepest part of our souls. It’s much more than entertainment, or a good time on friday night.  Carl Sandburg reflects: “I meet people occasionally who think motion pictures, the product Hollywood makes, is merely entertainment, has nothing to do with education.  That’s one of the darndest fool falacies that is current… Anything that brings you to tears by way of drama does something to the deepest roots of our personality”. We must never understimate the ability to impact.  As Lauren Hill echos “Now hear this mixture, where hip-hop meets scripture, develop a negative into a postive picture”. Movies have a way of touching on the spiritual and displaying it to the eyes of its viewers.

Horror in its most organic form is like any other medium used by an artist. It is, like any other genre, neutral. A technique, a gag-bag of tricks, props, gimmicks even, used to arouse in us certain innate reactions, something very carnal and natural.  It derives from ancient gothic literature, most of which we are sadly unfamiliar with, but nonetheless have shaped the way artists before us have perceived the genre and its ability to extract from our very being a frightening effect.  Good horror, true horror, is not fear just for fears sake; it’s a drawing to engage in the unknown, to believe in the unseen, and to trust in the unbelievable.  True horror clearly shows the difference between absolute good and evil.  True horror dismantles evil and yet brings us to the brink of our control by forcing us to face the chaos of the world around us.

***For the full article, go here.


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