New Music Week: The Elms

OK, so I’ve been thinking about doing a really cool blog series this week that would take up very little precious time. This week, every second counts. We sublease our apartment, close on our house, pack (no we haven’t started) and move in the next five days. So instead of slacking in my blogging sense, I decided to introduce you to a few of my favorite artists over the past year or so. Not new to me, but may be new to you. So, introducing…New Music Week. Sit back, relax, grab your Itunes and add these artist to your playlist! Their music is soul-stirring, moving, full of talent and passion. They are simply more than just tight beats polished over mediocre voices. These artist are what I build the rest of my music library around, they’re that good!

Starting with a band called The Elms. This band is essentially what Rock n’ Roll should sound like. In a time where so many genres have little musical boundaries and every artist is attempting a musical ‘crossover’, this band has stayed true to it’s roots and brings us the best rock albums I’ve heard in a long time. Singing about Midwestern life, spirituality and small-town living, The Elms is as good as it gets. Their album, The Great American Midrange just dropped a few weeks ago, and so I couldn’t wait to share it.
Come back for new artists everyday this week and then a special guest blogger will be posting this weekend.


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